Economy and covolution


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Economy and covolution


Covolution is a computable and conscious evolution.

The human economy can only be analyzed and predicted correctly using evolution, especially covolution.

Economical system has two components. One is energy that is represented as human labour, energy resource, space, and capital. The other is information that is represented by brain and computer processing, social systems, political decision making, and the network of information processing objects such as the internet.

Economical system is biological organism that keeps mainteining the members by providing energy and information. The optimization function is how to feed the energy most efficiently by informatically assigning resources to the members and subsystems.

The main issue of economy is not about capitalism, free market, communism, company management phillosophy or underlying social and political systems. It is how to maximize the information content and density using the minimal amount of energy. In practial terms how to let all the members of the Earth feed themselves to devise and synthesize a more effficient energy utilization.

The problems, that human beings in an economy, are facing are how to tax individuals (and companies) for choosing the better sum of productivity. As the covolution progresses, the balance can fluctuate depending on the resource structure each society has. Individuals are becoming increasingly powerful in terms of energy and information processing. Each individuals tend to optimize his/her own economy system that needs to be harmonized by the larger layers such as company, city, state, country, and the world.

Economy system can be perfectly simuated by computers that contain biological printiples that can simulate evolution and covolution.

In other words, the ultimate economy is biological that is constructed by computers.






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