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Para-determined means it is not determined yet, but due to mathematical and physcial constraints, it is almost determined.

The fate of an object in a state is not determined as the future has not yet come. However, as the universe has mathematical and physical principles, the fate of the object is almost determined. Even if the fate of an object turned out to be different from statistically significant prediction paths, it is still para-determined correctly.

If there is any state change in any system (i.e., there can be existence in time), the future is always para-determined.

If we construct a computer as powerful as the whole universe and are able to predict the future extremely precisely, the level of para-determination we can perceive shifts toward fate. If our prediction power is low, the level of para-determination perception shifts toward random. The universe is a physical entity and there is no real randomness. Therefore, the concept of para-determination as well as fate is a concept determined by the amount of information and information processing power.




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