Informational Jump of critical mass of computing units in species expansion


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Informational Jump/innovation
- Jong Bhak
It means when the size of a population goes over a threshold, physically, the level of diversity reaches a certain point and it produces more efficient information processing of individuals in the system. It means the amount of information processing of the network of individuals produces a higher level of efficiency. This will lead to a new species that is fundamentally more advanced in information processing. This is the jump. For example, the appearance of multi-cellular organism, emergence of brain, photosynthesis etc. These are all computational advancement in the informational space. We are all computers that upgrade at regular time interval. (like Intel's new CPU cycle).
The most important aspect of such informational jump (innovation) is that individuals (components of the species) predict the paths for such informational jumps and the most accurate predictors produce the most viable offspring.
The whole process is a physical propagation of computing units (BiO) in informational space optimizing certain functions. The functions include prediction algorithms.
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