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Covolution process involves planning, design, insight, experiment, and repeat of the all the previous processes.


The major difference rises from the formation of feedback network that can compute and predict.

Evolution exmaple

Molecular optimization and selection.



Covolution example: A beaver's dam.


A beaver's dam construction is the result of evolution. It is the natural selection that made it possible in the last millions of years. However, the driving force ratio of the dam construction is more on beaver's decisions and environmental adaptation calculation rather than nature selected that way.


Covolution example: the great canal of China.
The canal was planned by multiple organisms with conscious computation. It would take trillions of years for a species to become a great canal builder with a simple evolution process if it happens to have a energy minimum niche in building such a canal. More likely is that the evolution process will never be able to create a species to create such a long canal.

Covolution example: a gigantic concrete dam
Human dam construction is a covolution product that was planned. It would perhaps take billions of years for a species evolve to become a concrete dam building. More importantly, evolution process will never be able to create a species that gets benefit from building a huge concrete building although the pre-calculated benefit of it justifies the construction cost. This is fundamentally limited in evolution perspective by the size of atoms and molecules. Also, the energy utilization barrier exists to produce a species that can create so much efficiency.


Shuffling genomes with mating (sex)

When mating, individuals predict/bet the future direction of offspring. Also, the whole process is not fully random. Much calculations and predictions involved.


Environmental interaction is computed

In adaptation, species uses every single possible way to reflect environmental conditions to next generation genomes. Environmental experience can be coded and transmitted not only by random mutation and natural selection.

(See Einvironment)



Domestication by one species for another species is a predicted and computed expansion of species and a group of speces.


Species synthesis

Species can be formed by combining two species. This means the gradual descent modification of Darwinian evolution is not a general principle.








Evolution vs covolution


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