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Covolution is derived from consciously computed co-evolution. 

Covolution is the propagation principle and mechanism of information entities (objects) that compute and predict their future directions in para-determined mathematical pathways/architecture of the universe.   

It is the exploration of information space by premeditated and precomputed actions. 

Covolution explores the energy and information landscape not blindly but systematically through computation. The computation here does not mean man-made computers. It means some mathematical and physical architecture.

For example, mutations occurring in a human genome is not random from the first place but under some equilibrium system. Also, the non-random randomness is also directed by the entity that generates, such as a genome, cell, tissue, or an organism.

Variation and selection are not random but can best be described as 'computed' or even 'conscious'.

Covolution results in the condensation of information, while evolution does not necessarily does so.

The universe is building a computer

Life is found everywhere in the universe

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