What is wrong with Darwinian evolution?

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Darwinian evolution is not much wrong in explaining the expansion of life on Earth at a certain level.

Darwin's main concern was that things(species) were not 'created' by god or something like that.

As long as there are some ancestors and offspring that are derived from and propagate, it is good.

The origin of species is due to enough variation and some kind of selection (whether it was by nature, domestication, sexual partners, etc.)


The problem was when later 'biologists' try to fit everything into his theory. Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.

However, it may be that 'Not everything makes sense in the light of evolution'. (omitting 'in biology').



Because life expansion is not just a small scale biological problem of the fittest's survival. It is the problem of everything in the universe.

We can make sense in 'explaining' life in various forms. However, what type of explanation should we choose? 


Life as a physical phenomenon (more for me, informationally) needs answers to why we evolve.

What is the origin of evolution?

What is the atom of evolution?

What started evolution in the universe? (before and right after big bang?)

What is evolution for non-biological objects?


Darwin's evolution is a tip of iceberg. There can be much bigger and general principles in the unvierse that are to be formulated and explained.

Covolution is one crude attempt of such (I think there have been millions of such attempts in the past in the last 50,000 years in humanity)


Direction or not?  |  Information as the fundamental of Evolution









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