The difference between evolution and covolution


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The difference between evolution and covolution

Covolution has a direction. Evolution does not have a direction.
Covolution has an invisible structure (architecture) of development. Evolution does not assume any architecture in the development.
Covolution has neuronal planning and prediction components in the subjects' decision making. Evolution does not have any planning and prediction or decision making.

     Covolution suggests that the core of life propagation is such calculation

       (whether it is sequencial or instant) and prediction of the paths towards the future.

Covolution is goal-oriented and predicted. (It is somewhat telological but not in the traditional way. Hence, teleonomic.)   
Evolution on Earth is mostly at molecular level.
Covolution is at infinitely definable, subatomic, atomic, molecular, multi-cellular, societal, and cosmic levels.

Covolution has hierachical layers of entities (encapsulation layers).

Covolution has regulation system that is fractally hiearchical.


As covolution is based on internal architecture of information processing, the variations generated are affected by the system(architecture) and hence it explores the energy landscape. I.e, not blindly optimized or selected as in evolution.

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